There was a time, back in the 1950’s, when families survived on the income of a single
These days, many families struggle, even with two income streams, and with the cost of
living increasing daily, that’s likely to get worse, rather than better, in the future.
Ask yourself – how may streams of income do you have right now? Do you have a backup
plan, in case something goes wrong, and your business fails, or you lose your job? Most
people don’t.
Most people are living from paycheck to paycheck, and when something goes wrong, things
go from bad to worse, fast.
This has happened to so many people, so I know first hand what it feels like to have what you
thought was a stable income stream vanish literally overnight, and to be left without a
backup plan!
The very rich have always known that the secret to ongoing wealth and prosperity is to
diversify. They make sure that they have several income streams, so if one isn’t performing,
they ALWAYS have a backup plan.
Think of it as a river. Many streams and tributaries flow into it, and if one dries up, there’s
always another one, so you don’t feel it too much.
You need to make sure your income stream works the same way – many smaller streams and
tributaries flowing into your account, so that if one fails, you won’t be ‘up the creek without a

There’s something most employees don’t realise, and that is, that while they may THINK they
are successful, most of them are one paycheck away from financial ruin. Should the
company they work for lay them off, or close down, they’ll be unable to meet their mortgage
payments and other responsibilities, and within a few weeks, they’ll be in serious trouble!
Don’t let the nice house, fancy clothes and flashy cars fool you – most of those employees
don’t own them, they’re paying them off. In essence, they are RENTING their lifestyle, and it
can all be taken away in a matter of weeks.
The only way to beat the system is to ensure that you have multiple income streams.